It was all out celebration on Saturday as Internationale CDF took on Budatetenyi SE. The match which ended 4-0 in favor of Inter CDF was a mere formality as the championship was already won by Inter since April.
Saturday’s event was a double celebration; one for winning promotion and the league record setting of 100 percent finish in football history in recent history. The team won all their matches home and away, produced a highest scorer ( Zome Louis ) with 40 goals in league games alone.
The team has won virtually all competitions entered except for the Budapest Kupa where it finished second to Penzugyor SE.
According to the club president Mr Nelson Victor, “the achievements of team this season is in line with the vision of the club. He also stated that the club intends to perform better next season and also reproduce the high performance in all it youth categories and a strong female football team capable of winning every game come next season.