Inter maintains it’s perfect run of the season by demolishing Nagytétény to retain it’s leadership Of the league.

it was quickly realized that the teams aren’t in the same category.  Inter was successfully working its positions after another. Nagytétény was holding itself, therefore there was no goal.

In the 22nd minute however Giwa Olekunle had scored a header from a corner kick and the score was 1-0.

After the goal the Nagytétény came out of the grasp, but they only managed a modest play and couldn’t reach the goal.

In the 31st minute Zome Luis Rene from Inter launched lyiegbu Chigozie Davies who took the ball to the baseline , passed it back to the unstoppable Zome Louis who scored a goal from 7 meters. 2-0
The Nagytétény player mostly used up their time by acting and critizing the referee forgetting the fact why they were really on the field. Inter on the other hand did its job and another goal was scored by them.
In the 45th minute Lunzitisa Queson scored a header goal form a corner kick 3-0

In the second half Inter was continouing its success. in the 46th minute Lunzitisa Queson scored a goal after a series of senzational tricks. 4-0
In the 61st minute Zome Louis had attacked a wrongly made pass and scored another goal. 5-0
In the 66th minute Szakács, the goalkeeper blocked shot from Fofana Sekou, but the rebound was caught by Zome who score. 6-0
In the 74th minute we saw 2 more goals form Inter.

“It’s yet to be seen what decision the league board will take as a result of racial insult and spitting on Inter player by the Nagytétényi player.”

Lunzitisa Queson was tackled after a series of dribbling into the box, but Zome Louis was there and scored goal from 4 meters. 7-0
Uche Johnbull assisted Lunzitisa Queson with a 40m pass who scored a goal from 4 meters.8-0
In the 81st minute Knuji Kelechi Kissinger shot, whose shot was blocked and Zome scored, 9-0.
In the 86th minute Puskás Péter from Nagytétény had missed from a 28 meter free kick.
The 90th minute saw Zome Louis scored again to Make it 10-0.
The outcome of the game is not an exaggereation at all.

 Inter players were well-prepared against provocation by racial abuses or match officials misjudgments against them as often the the case, since the team is made of deferent national and racial background. They concentrated on their purpose on the pitch while their opponents went about their dirty and shameful act.

According to pestifoci football magazine, the man of the match was zome louis.